Break My Fall!

Enter the room,
Right in the darkness profound.
Motionless I stand,
Looking for a speck of light.
Falling here and there,
Wishing someone would break my fall.
Eyes searching through the darkness,
Hoping for a hand to come by.
Trying to find something,
Maybe a path, maybe a walk.
Handheld up and around,
I need you to be in sight.
I wonder now falling around,
Wishing someone could break my fall.
I need you, I wish a thousand nights go by,
Still I think if I had made the walk.
A simple walk to talk,
A need to have a hand around me.
Do you think things would have been different,
Cause you know I would walk a thousand miles.
Just to hold your hand,
So that you could break my fall.

-Unknown Sage

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