Finally Found You!

You changed,
I didn’t know.
I changed,
You didn’t know.
But we,
Finally found each other.

Remember the times,
When we teased each other?
Be it words!!
Or be it taunts!!
Those were the times,
When we used just look at each other.
It took a while,
But we finally realised.

None mattered,
When we were together.
Some thought,
That we were together.
However much of a dream,
It seemed back then.
It’s a part of reality,
Now in our present.

I wonder.
How did we actually,
End up together.
But just when,
The answer is about to appear.
I wake up,
To the harsh reality and ponder.

We still are the same,
Mocking and taunting each other.
We still are the same,
Writing notes for each other.
Someday I still carry the hope,
We shall be together.
Till that time,
I shall find you in my dreams altogether.

-Unknown Sage

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