There’s this girl

There’s this girl,
One and only one.
Whom I never knew before,
And yet she’s bceome my life and soul.
She could have chosen anyone,
To spend her life and soul.
Yet destiny brought us together,
To spend life as one.

It’s silly,
To say these words I know.
But it’s impossible,
To think of life without her now.
I wonder sometimes,
Why me of all.
And when I ask, she just smiles n says,
It’s was our destiny to be together.

There’s this girl,
In everyone’s life,
The one soul,
That makes the other complete.
A soul that makes you laugh,
A soul that cares for you.
And You think about her life,
You think about the future together.

I found her by chance,
Or one may say destiny.
It’s the start of a new life,
For me with this girl.
As it has been for many in the past,
As it will be for many in the future.
All I wish for is her happiness,
All I wish now is a life together.

-Unknown Sage

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