He had walked a long way in the burning heat,
but he kept walking along.
Suddenly he saw a cave and a sage,
the sage meditating alone.
To escape the heat he sat in the cave,
To pass the time he started to meditate.
Six hours passed by,
feeling the cold air he opened his eyes.
To his surprise he saw 20 more people besides,
all meditating with closed eyes.
In span of less than a day,
He witnessed a miracle one may say.
What happened he wondered in his mind,
Trying to find a reason to this wonder in his mind.

Companionship was the answer to this,
Everyone of us seeks for peace.
For this world is useless without companions,
Be it friends or foes we need some.
It’s this need that made people stop,
It’s this need that made the sage world renowned.

Unknown Sage!

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