Hearts of Passion

As the sun rises in the east,
As the first light reaches us.
We open our eyes and minds,
To start our daily lives.

But how many of us live
How many of us are alive
Life as we know today
Is nothing but a set of rules
Life as we live today
Is all but being alive.

We think someday
We will live
We think someday
We will be alive

It’s a trap we all fall in
But some escape
You call them extraordinary
I call them hearts of passion

They are ones who are free
Ones who don’t pretend
They are those who live
They are the hearts of passion

These hearts of passion are known
They are yet not known
They inspire dreams
They show us destinies of life.

Hearts of passion need not be someone else
Hearts of passion are those of you
Who wake up and say
Today I have a new moment to be alive.

Uknown Sage

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